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Apex Trader Funding is the leading futures funding evaluation firm in the world.

About Apex Trader Funding: Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank Interviews CEO Darrell Martin

CEO - Darrell Martin

Darrell Martin Receiving Top Prop Firm Award for 2023 at Fintech 2023 from Benzinga
About Darrell Martin

Darrell Martin first founded Apex Investing, an educational site, over 10 years ago as a way to help traders come together and improve their trading skills. He continued this vision by launching Apex Trader Funding. Darrell has traded for nearly 20 years in the Markets. He has been a speaker at International Trade Expos and an educator for exchanges. He has developed many trading tools that are available today which pioneered new ways for how traders read the markets in a consistent way. Darrell has developed multiple organizations including those for fortune 500 companies and holds both a Bachelors and Masters degree. He worked his way up from the bottom as a retail trader and strived to make tools and education available for the average trader spending over 10 years developing his software which 10's of 1000's of traders have used from over 150 countries worldwide.

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Who are we?

Apex Trader Funding was founded in 2021 and it set out to make a better model than any company out there with the goal of payout out the most to traders. Darrell Martin founded Apex Trader Funding after trying and reviewing all the funding companies he could find he set out to build a better model, a model we would want himself as a customer. He then launched Apex Trader Funding. It has since become the leading trader funding company paying out more than any futures funding evaluation firm to its customers. It has grown into a thriving community of 10's of 1000's of members in over 150 countries. Apex Trader funding is based in Austin, Texas and are an evaluation funding company that focuses on the futures markets exclusively.

Why would you choose Apex Trader Funding?

We offer among the fewest rules, lowest cost, highest contract plans with the rules meant to test your ability to manage risk, profit, and size to empower those who can pass to move forward to a performance account for the potential to get paid. We don't restrict traders during holidays, news, or other cumbersome rules. We want you to trade anytime you want 23 hours a day between 6PM one day to closing all positions and orders by 4:59 PM ET the next day ET. We do not add in rules like daily drawdowns to knock you out or have plans that limit you with scaling. Our plans cap your contracts at the max contracts without failing you for going over your allowed contracts.

ATF Evaluation Accounts

Trade full size contracts
Only 1 evaluation step of 7 trading days
No scaling requirements
If you trade too many contracts it simply rejects the trade it does not fail you
No daily drawdowns
Trade on holidays
Trade during the news
A simple rule manage risk with a large live trailing threshold
Trade any strategy that best suits you
Include free real time data
Get multiple accounts to spread risk and increase profits
Least expensive reset fee
Available globally where allowed by law
Free Ninja License

Once you pass your evaluation you get a paid performance account

Paid Performance Accounts (PA)

Free Ninja License $75/month included
Live data save $55/month included
Start with a full-size account with no size restrictions like scaling
Get paid 100% of your first $25,000 profit
Then get paid 90% of your performance thereafter